Obama Drama 07

13 maggio 2012

young barack obama

vedi gli altri episodi della serie Obama Drama

It was there in the Holy Land, and later in Africa, that I formed a conviction which I have had ever since-that a topmost requisite for any Negro leader in America ought to be extensive traveling in the non-white lands on this earth, and the travel should include many conferences with the ranking men of those lands. I guarantee that any honest, open-minded Negro leader would return home with more effective thinking about alternative avenues to solutions of the American black man’s problem.

Again, it was mainly Africans who variously expressed to me that no one would wish to be embarrassed trying to help a brother who shows no evidence that he wants that help-and who seems to refuse to cooperate in his own interests.
The American black “leader’s” most critical problem is lack of imagination! His thinking, his strategies, if any, are always limited, at least basically, to only that which is either advised, or approved by the white man. And the first thing the American power structure doesn’t want any Negroes to start is thinking _internationally.

I think the single worst mistake of the American black organizations, and their leaders, is that they have failed to establish direct brotherhood lines of communication between the independent nations of Africa and the American black people. Why, every day, the black African heads of state should be receiving direct accounts of the latest developments in the American black man’s struggles-instead of the U.S. State Department’s releases to Africans which always imply that the American black man’s struggle is being “solved.”

(Fonte: Malcolm X-  The Autobiography)



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