From the Beat Hotel

24 agosto 2012

Gregory Corso (foto di Harold Chapman)

Who from the beats had the most passion for the Blues & Jazz?

Gregory Corso was the only one of the Beats that I ever discussed jazz with.  He was very fond of going to the Blue Note where Bud Powell was playing with his group.He told me an apocryphal story of Bud Powell going back home in a taxi in the small hours of the morning from a gig there and he turned round to his bass player sitting next to him and said, “What group do you play with, man?” … Bud Powell used to live in Hotel Louisiane, a few minutes’ walk from the Beat Hotel, which was a jazz musicians’ hotel and on every floor was a piano or two and when a pianist moved in, if a piano was vacant he could have it moved into his room…

(Harold Chapman intervistato da Michael Limnios)



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