A Pair of Dicks! (Dear Mr. Kerouac)

7 ottobre 2012

The problem as I see it is that it can make your protagonists come off like—how to put this, exactly?—well, like a pair of dicks. By way of example, you have Dean Moriartyclearly a charismatic and attractive figure, go to a concert given by the jazz great Slim Gaillard. Dean likes the music. But not nearly so much as the music loves Dean! You go on to describe a mind-meld between Dean and Mr. Gaillard that I had to re-read three times before I realized you weren’t kidding!

Let me explain: you might refer to the matriarch of the family you did that Guatemalan homestay with during spring semester as your “mother,” but does she refer to you as her “son?” Do you see what I’m driving at here?

(contina a leggere qui)



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