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Jesus Christus Erlöser

16 Maggio 2015


Prendo la metro e scendo a Downtown Crossing, le gente pressa, ovunque odore di sardine e metallo. L’elettricità deve ancora venire. Read the rest of this entry ?


The 100 coolest Americans

15 febbraio 2014

Jack Kerouac

continua a deliziarti qui


Beat Memories

25 gennaio 2013
Kerouac fotografato da Ginsberg (Manhattan, 1953)

Kerouac fotografato da Ginsberg (Manhattan, 1953)

Una mostricina.


American Muse, Holy Fool

27 dicembre 2012
Neal Cassady (1926-1968)

Neal Cassady (1926-1968)

di Scott Staton per il New Yorker

The critic Morris Dickstein once said that Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is more important as a myth or a cultural marker than as a novel. Its story of exhilaration and adventure resonates with young readers in the abstract, but few will deny its stretches of tedium, or fail to note the misogyny and narcissism expressed by the misbehaving male characters. Read the rest of this entry ?


A Pair of Dicks! (Dear Mr. Kerouac)

7 ottobre 2012

The problem as I see it is that it can make your protagonists come off like—how to put this, exactly?—well, like a pair of dicks. By way of example, you have Dean Moriarty Read the rest of this entry ?


Maldonian City Blues

30 settembre 2012

foto di Francesca Woodman

(questa poesia è figlia del ciclo maldoniano di Gaetano Veninata e Moises Di Sante) Read the rest of this entry ?


After Reading Kerouac’s Manuscript “The Town and the City”

5 settembre 2012

I dwelled in Hell on earth to write this rhyme,

I live in stillness now, in living flame; Read the rest of this entry ?


Nel sotterraneo

12 giugno 2012

Il Messico fa capolino durante l’orgasmo Read the rest of this entry ?


And the Hippos Were Boiled in their Tanks

13 aprile 2012

William Burroughs nel 1981

Prossimamente. Read the rest of this entry ?


Buona visione

7 marzo 2012


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